DOS Releases

"Return to Dunes" - sand picture simulation

A DOS-based graphics demo (in VGA 320 by 200 mode) that uses relatively simple dynamics for simulating the behavior of a "sand picture" (consisting of different types of sand and some water, kept between two pieces of glass), generating a continously moving display. This would be a good thing to turn into a screensaver, but I never got around...

While a real sand picture has to be turned around whenever the sand settles down, this simulation simply reverses the force of gravity to change roles between "grains" and "bubbles". This can be forced at any time by hitting the Space bar.

C source code is included.

Update (2010):There is now an iPhone app using the same algorithms, developed by Thomas Hahn, and available through the App Store. A blog about the development of the app can be found here.

HELPMAKE/HELPREAD compiler/decompiler for Borland Help Files

This package contains a compiler/decompiler for Borland's TurboHelp files used in their DOS-based Turbo compilers. The documentation has never been translated to English, but I still make the program available in the hope that it may be of use to someone... The package supports THELP versions up to 2.1 and contains source code and executables for the compiler/decompiler, as well as a description of the TH1/TH2 file format.

Please note that the entire documentation is in German language only.

MemView - memory map viewer (German)

This is an application I wrote a long time ago to analyze memory usage under DOS, including quite a lot of special knowledge about undocumented and semi-documented features, lists of "hooked" INTs, DR-DOS specifics etc. There is also German-language documentation included that describes some of the techniques used.

This is largely of historical interest for people researching "Undocumented DOS" or for trying to get old DOS boxes to run with weird combinations of TSRs.

Source code is included.