This section lists some solutions to common problems faced when setting up dialup Internet connections which cannot be solved by using the built-in tools.

Making sure the phone is on-hook

Because of the way the automatic dial-up process is handled by the device, there is no way of checking whether the phone is still off-hook after dialing up your ISP to get mail or browse the Web. One method for making sure that the connection is actually terminated is to briefly shut down Geos by entering DOS mode and leaving again.

Dialing from PBX lines

When dialing from a PBX where you have to add a prefix to the phone number to get an outside line first (for example, a zero "0"), you can simply add that prefix to the Dial up Telephone Number in the Internet Setup dialog, possibly followed by a comma "," to insert a pause before dialing the main number.

In some cases the device may not recognize the dialtone of the PBX and refuse to start dialing. In this case, you can specify an additional modem init command to suppress dialtone checking by adding the line

        init = ATX1
to the [accessPoint0001] section of the GEOS.INI file. You can also use that line to add other modem commands for specific needs.

Pulse dialing to an ISP

To use pulse dialing (instead of touch tone) with an Internet dialup account, you will have to go the the GEOS.INI file and edit the line
        phone = ...(phone number)...
under the [accessPoint0001] heading by inserting a "P" in front of the number. You cannot do this directly in the Internet Setup dialog because you are not allowed to enter letters in the phone number field. The same trick can be used to insert non-standard things like spaces into the Account name if your ISP requires you to do so.

EarthLink setup information

EarthLink used to offer some web pages with specific setup information for their accounts on the GeoBook, but these are no longer available.