LOLA - the Little Operator Logo Assistant

Group graphics and logos share the same bitmap format: they are monochrome images, 72 pixels wide and 14 pixels tall. LOLA can read such graphics from NOL and NGG files, as well as from JPG and GIF images. Picture SMS can be converted from the same formats, but they should be 72 by 28 pixels in size.

By selecting a graphic of a given size, you tell LOLA what kind of message you want to send.

It should be noted that the standard Nokia 9110 Communicator is only capable of receiving operator logos. Group graphics and Picture SMS are not supported by the phone side interface. Anyway, LOLA will detect such a message sent your phone and display it on the PDA side. You can then save the graphic to a file. This way, sending group graphics can also be used for wireless exchange of operator logos.

A few things have to be kept in mind when sending graphics: