Ensemble Personal Desktop Publisher

Brother PDP picture

Models PDP100J, PDP300CJ, PDP 350CJ

Made by Brother Interational Corporation

The first affordable integrated approach to designing and creating professional looking newsletters, invitations, report, and much more.

Without question, Brother's Ensemble delivers a complete, affordable, easy-to-use product that puts the power of computing within the reach of everyone. With Ensemble, anyone can combine a variety of text styles and sizes with graphics to create a myriad of professional-quality desktop published documents. By combining a 14" high-resolution graphic monitor, laser-quality ink jet printer, point and click mouse, Perfectype(r) Professional Touch Keyboard and a suite of award-winning software, being creative is easier than ever before. And thanks to the economy and high performance of its GEOS operating system, Ensemble helps you to do it at a price almost anyone can afford.

A total design and document creation center that's easy to use.


Source: Geoworks Home Page