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Atlanta February 7, 1994 - SchoolView, a new network management tool from EduQuest, gives educators, students and administrators all the features and power of IBM's award-winning network management system with the flexibility, colorful icons and "point and click" simplicity of a graphical user interface.

SchoolView, developed in conjunction with Alameda, California-based Geoworks helps make networking in K-12 schools easy enough for the inexperienced student, while retaining the features and functions to solve the most complex courseware management problems.

The new program, available immediately, features a package of classroom management tools and combines all the management functions of the award-winning IBM Classroom LAN Administration System with the graphical user interface popular with many educators.

Designed specifically for schools and in use since 1986, the IBM Classroom LAN Administrator System is a menu-based courseware management tool that allows teachers to manage the classroom computing environment and perform such tasks as enrolling students, designating classes, and assigning and tracking educational courseware usage by students.

SchoolView complements the existing IBM network offerings by adding a colorful, icon-based format that makes it easy for educators and students to perform these same tasks and access programs by moving a mouse to the icons that replace text commands. SchoolView is flexible, providing the capability for launching DOS, OS/2 and Windows applications. IBM will continue to offer the IBM Classroom LAN Administrator System for those who prefer a menu-driven solution.

SchoolView is available in four options, so educators can build networks designed to fit each school's specific needs.

With the basic SchoolView package, system operators and administrators can perform such tasks as installing programs, creating student rosters, posting daily school announcements and scanning for computer viruses. Teachers can manage classroom data, assign courseware and create and deliver assignments electronically.

The program includes a variety of on-line accessories, developed by Geoworks, including:

Address book;
Comm, a communications program;
Text File Editor, for notes and readme files; also good for students who are just beginning to use the computer for online assignments;
Banner, a function that embellishes documents with 54 type styles and four special effects: Fog, 3D, and large or small windows; prints on any printer in the network;
Solitaire, an entertaining way for students to develop mouse skills.

* SchoolView with Tools: SchoolView with Tools adds four powerful Geoworks tools for faculty, office personnel and students that can be set at varying skill levels to accommodate the user's level of expertise. In addition to all functions available in SchoolView, this solution provides the following capabilities for students to develop business skills.

A word processor for memos and desktop publishing;
A program to develop original graphics, cutting and pasting;
A full-function spreadsheet that can be customized, appropriate for tasks from simple math projects to the school budget;
A database tool for students and administrators.

* SchoolView with Tools and NetWare: This version of SchoolView offers the addition of NetWare 3.12 from IBM, enabling administrators to use this package to implement an entire network.

* SchoolView PLUS: The combined SchoolView packages with the added capability of four advanced teaching tools:

IBM LinkWay Live!, for students, teachers and administrators to develop multimedia presentations and instruction via text, drawings, digital audio, graphic images, animation, and full- motion video;
Excelsior grade2, an electronic gradebook;
Excelsior quiz2, a management system for creating test documents;
LANSchool, a computer chalkboard for communicating with students.

SchoolView is compatible with most IBM courseware and productivity tools that operate on previous versions of IBM Classroom Lan Administrator System, EdLAN Versions 1.0 and 1.1, EdLAN 386.

EduQuest is an IBM company dedicated to helping improve K-12 education through the use of technology. Based in Atlanta, the company offers more than 200 educational courseware products created by EduQuest in cooperation with noted educators and software producers. EduQuest products, which received more than 75 awards since 1987, are designed to develop student skills in the subjects of reading and language arts, mathematics and sciences, history, and geography, and special needs.

Geoworks is the developer and publisher of the GEOS® graphical operating system, software development tools, software applications and support programs. The company provides sophisticated and highly efficient system software with rich functionality that will enable hardware manufacturers to market low-cost, high performance devices. Geoworks products are available through OEMs, dealer channels, republishers and electronic distribution.

Source: America Online, Geoworks Arena