Toshiba Genio PCV100

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Toshiba Corporation's GENIO PCV100 is a pocket-size mobile communicator with built-in Personal Handyphone System (PHS), which provides users with easy access to the World Wide Web (WWW), a mobile telephone, and high-speed data-access functions. GENIO is the world's first pocket communicator with built-in PHS to provide a WWW browsing function.

Dimensions: 215cc, 220 grams


The GENIO (Italian for genius) also provides 2 megabytes of memory in the form of a SmartMedia ® memory card (option) only the size of a postage stamp. Smart Media cards with a capacity of 4 and 8 megabytes will also be available in the future.

The rechargeable lithium ion battery provides 150 minutes of continuous on-line communications, up to 200 hours call waiting, and up to 60 hours of continuous off-line editing.

E-Mail and Web Browser

The GENIO's internal modem (32kbps) provides fast PHS access. The mail software supports MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) encoding, enabling non-text items including notes hand-written with the pen to be mailed. Support is also provided for popular Japanese communication services such as NiftyServe ®, People ® and others. A world wide web browser is provided, and downloaded data is cached so that browsing can continue off-line. An English-Japanese electronic dictionary is provided to help Japanese users understand English websites.

Pen-Based PIM with Data Exchange Functions

Data Exchange: Data from Lotus Organaizer ®, Microsoft Schedule+ ®, and Sharp Zaurus ®, can be transferred to and from GENIO, synchronizing schedules and maintaining identical address books, etc. Data is easily transferred between the GENIO PCV100 and a desktop computer, either by direct connection using an RS-232C interface or via an infrared communications port, using DataLink ® software.

Directory: Up to 24 categories of data can be stored for each entry, including name and address, telephone numbers for voice, fax, pager and PHS numbers, and electronic mail addresses, with automatic linkage to the appropriate dialer functions.

Scheduler: This provides convenient integrated management of hourly and daily schedules and "to do" lists with a generous 256 characters available per entry.

Hand-Written Notes: Penned notes can be attached to both scheduler and address entries. Four or 12 such notes can be displayed at a time and checked for further action or deletion.

Text Notes: Text can be readily entered and edited for fax or electronic mail transmission, and cut-and-paste is possible between messages for resending or storage.

Source: Toshiba