Specifications on Star Writer Pro 5000

Canon SWP 5000 Picture
Fast, Quiet, High-Quality, Non-Impact, Bubble Jet Printing
The Bubble Jet printer is contained within the system, so you don't have to buy a separate printer.
80/160/160 cps Print Speed (Fine/Economy/Draft Mode).
Landscape Printing Capability.
14" Super-Flat CRT With VGA Resolution
Large CRT with 16 shades of gray for enhanced readability.
WYSIWYG Display.
Graphical User Interface.
Impressive Collection Of Clip Art
100 clip art images to help create imaginative documents.
Powerful, Built-In Applications
Word Processor:
5 Built-in Fonts.
7 Type Styles.
Up to 32 Columns of text.
Spreadsheet, Appointment Manager, Address Book, Calculator, Disk Manager and more!
Unlimited Storage on 1.44 MB Disks
Use standard 3.5", 1.44 MB or 720 KB floppy disks.
Built-In Dictionary and Thesaurus
100,000-word dictionary, 4,000-word User Dictionary (on disk), and 42,000-word thesaurus
Zoom In and Zoom Out and Editable Page Preview.
Greatly improves editing capabilities.
Communicate with PCs
DOS text file, WordPerfect®, and Lotus® 1-2-3® conversion capabilties.
Over 700 Scalable Font Sizes
Font sizes ranging from 4 point to 792 point put the StarWriter Pro into a class of its own.
Other features
Multilingual Capability
Appointment Manager
Screen Saver
Address Book.
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Source: Geoworks