Tandy Z-PDA


Processor Architecture

Custom chip designed by Casio Computer Co., Ltd., using an Intel-compatible CPU with integral clock generator, memory, bus, interrupt, timer, key, serial and infrared control units, power management unit, LCD controller.

Operating System

The GEOS system software from Geoworks is object-oriented, multithreaded and multitasking, with an easy-to-use graphical user interface. The software provides:

File manager


System ROM

4MB containing the operating system, applications, and content


Palm Computing


Games: Solitaire, Pyramid Solitaire, UKI


Pocket Quicken personal finance application with checkbook register, credit card, cash, and expense account tracking capabilities

America Online

America Online E-mail and gateway to Internet with offline composition; ASCII text FAX and U.S. Mail gateway; wire services with news search; EAASY SABRE Travel Service; stock quotes; program downloading


I/O Ports

LCD Display

Sound capability

Controls, Switches, Indicators/Locks

Mass Storage (Optional)

Power Supply



GEOS is a registerd trademark of Geoworks
Pocket Quicken is a trademark of Intuit
Intel is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation
PalmPrint, PowerInk, and BackspaceInk are trademarks of Palm Computing
EAASY SABRE is a service mark of SABRE Travel Information Network
America Online is a registered trademark of America Online Inc.

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