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ALAMEDA, Calif. (Jan. 13, 1999) - Geoworks Corporation (NASDAQ: GWRX), a leading provider of wireless software and service solutions, today announced the creation of its Professional Services group, dedicated to advancing technologies in the expanding wireless communications market. With this new group, Geoworks plans to provide the industry with software development, strategic consulting, project management and quality assurance services.

The Professional Services group utilizes Geoworks' 15 years of extensive operating system and application software development experience, as well as its expertise in wireless data services and global device deployment. The group will utilize Geoworks' experiences gained by developing GEOS-SC, the leading operating system for smart phones that integrates voice and data capabilities, as well as experience gained in developing Premion Interface+, a powerful, flexible user interface technology for wireless communications devices. Geoworks is targeting device manufacturers and service providers for the new venture.

Nokia, the world's leading supplier of mobile phones, has already signed up as the first client for the new consulting group. Over the past several years, Nokia worked with Geoworks to develop an innovative operating system for the Nokia Communicator family. The new Professional Services group will continue this cooperation by providing the services and support for the communicators Nokia has on the market.

The Professional Services group was created to provide design engineering, project management and quality assurance expertise to produce effective and competitive wireless embedded devices. Services to be offered include application design and development, operating system extension and customization, hardware and software integration, project and resource planning, functional and system testing, connectivity and network applications and Internet application and server development.

"By developing quality products for markets around the world, Geoworks has honed its engineering and technological skills," said David Grannan, president and CEO. "Now we are pleased to offer these skills to other industry players so we can all work together to grow the market."

Geoworks is uniquely qualified to provide expertise to assist industry players in creating new products and services for the growing smart phone market. Although the majority of wireless phones in use today are voice-only devices, forecasts cite skyrocketing acceptance and demand for data transmitting phones in the near future. According to the Dataquest research group, by 2002, 15 to 20 percent of mobile devices will be smart phones with advanced data and voice capabilities. This emerging market is expected to rival today's volume of PC sales.

Initiating its Professional Services group enables Geoworks to provide the technological expertise of the company's team of top engineers possessing proven talents to bring about technological advances for wireless devices.

Geoworks has named Jeff Peterson as vice president of the Professional Services group. Peterson managed the successful design and launch of several mobile communications devices at Geoworks and will be responsible for directing the Professional Services development projects.

"Since Geoworks is a recognized leader in development of operating system technology for the high-end market, it's a natural fit for the company to fill the demands for superior, customized products and services industry-wide," said Peterson. "We will continue our proven formula of matching customers with well-structured, yet flexible teams that will concentrate on the product development goals of the customer."

Geoworks developed its industry expertise by creating operating systems that enable resource-constrained wireless devices. Products embedded with Geoworks' technology include the Nokia 9000 and 9110 Communicators, Mitsubishi's Moem-D smart phone, Toshiba's Genio PCV-1000 Pocket Communicator, the Toshiba's Dialo smart phone, Hewlett-Packard OmniGo 100 and 120 Organizers and Casio "Zoomer" Z-PDA device.

About Geoworks Based in Alameda, Calif., with international operations in the United Kingdom and Japan, Geoworks Corporation is a leading provider of end-to-end software solutions for the wireless communications industry. The Company creates operating system software, applications and actionable services for a variety of wireless devices, ranging from enhanced phones to high-end, all-in-one smart communicators. For additional information on Geoworks, contact the Company on the World Wide Web at

In keeping with U.S. law, Geoworks notes that this press release includes forward-looking statements, including the emergence of the smart phone market, the Company's intention to provide consulting services to this market; and its ability to help the smart phone market grow by developing products and services for companies that manufacture products for the smart phone market. Actual results may vary significantly due to various risks and uncertainties. Those include, but are not limited to, the following: i) the smart phone market may not emerge to the degree or in the timing anticipated; ii) the Company must consummate definitive agreements with key partners; and iii) new technologies and new services are inherently subject to development, timing and consumer acceptance risks. Additional information is available in the Risk Factors and Business discussions in the Company's Forms 10- K, 10-Q and other filings available from the Company or from the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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