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GEOS-based Software

The following GEOS programs are public domain, and are hopefully bug free, but no guarantee of the suitability of the software is made.

NOTE: Be sure to download the appropriate version of the program you want. If you are using an HP OmniGo, then download the "OmniGo" file. Same goes for the Zoomer or PC/GEOS Ensemble versions. Documentation is provided in a separate file. Be sure to download that as well as the program itself. Source code is provided for programmers interested in adding features to these programs.

Alarm Clock 1.0.1

Lets you set up a repeating alarm or a one-shot. Uses the space bar as a "snooze bar" and you can enter a message to remind you of what to do. It now uses the Real-Time Clock Manager, which guarantees the alarm will go off, even if you exit the program.

Change Sys Font 1.0

Lets you change the system font on your OmniGo. You can select from any of the standard fonts on the OmniGo, allowing you to pick a font that is large or small enough for your needs.

Character Map 1.1.0

Lets you see and copy all of the printable characters in GEOS. Use this to select and copy extended characters to the clipboard. Has font selector so you can choose whatever font you wish to look at. Now uses a larger font size for displaying the map, and supports drag-n-drop.

Draw 1.1.3

Drawing program for GEOS. Has many of the features of GeoDraw, the PC/GEOS Ensemble drawing program. Can draw lines, ellipses, rectangles, arcs, Bezier curves, etc. Can change the attributes of the objects, including color, line thickness, pattern, etc.

ExpertMode 1.0.2

Lets you control various aspects of the Express menu, window controls, document control, et cetra. Use this to turn on the advanced features of your GEOS device.

File Manager 1.1.1

Rename, delete, move, and copy files and folders on your OmniGo. You can also create folders, and browse the drives and directories. Displays date/size of files. Now sorts directories before files.

Graph 1.0

For students of an algorithms course, this demonstrates how the various graph algorithms work, using a visual graphing tool. You can create vertices and edges, then perform operations such as Kruskal's MST, Shortest Path, or DFS. Written for a software engineering course at PSU. See the web page to learn about the more recent project.

Scrapy 0.5

An incomplete drag-n-drop scrapbook program. Lets you drag scraps of text to/from this scrapbook program. Quicker than using copy/paste between this and GeoWrite or Text Editor. Only source code is provided at this time, as the program is incomplete.

Spreadsheet 0.1

A very incomplete spreadsheet program. It crashes upon startup but at least it shows most of what you need to get started writing a spreadsheet in GEOS.

Text Editor 1.2.3

Lets you edit text files from GEOS. Supports search/replace, various fonts and text styles, as well as spell checking.

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