Releases for the OmniGo 100/120LX

This page lists the current versions of my applications which are specifically targeted at the OmniGo 100/120 series, where possible, makes them available for immediate downloading.

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Battery Watcher (OmniGo)

This program is an attempt to support discussions about the OmniGo's battery life with a little more data and to give users a better understanding of what influences power consumption. In its current version, it performs two functions: display a plot of the OmniGo's battery voltage over time and track the total usage time of the device since the batteries were last changed.

dLite - Data compression for the OmniGo

[current version: 1.11] DLite is a program by Rainer Schuetze providing transparent expansion of compressed files whenever they are accessed by an application. Small size and good compatibility to Geos make it especially well suited for reducing the size of programs and reference data on the HP OmniGo 100 and other portable devices.

Geo Raycast

A 3D graphics demo for Geos and the OmniGo. In this sample program, you can walk through a maze of texture-mapped walls. This program is based on a Macintosh version by Stefan Becker published in the German c't magazine (issue 2/96). Full source code included.

OmniGo Text Mode Driver

[current version: 1.0] OGTMODE switches the display of the OmniGo to a text mode that is similar to what is found on IBM-compatible PCs. The most obvious use for it is including the program into the CONFIG.SYS file of your OmniGo and modifying AUTOEXEC.BAT in in a way that keeps it from launching Geos automatically, effectively giving you a standard DOS prompt.

Organizing the OmniGo Home Screen

A brief text describing how to remove unwanted icons from the main menu of the OmniGo.

OS/2 File Transfer for the OmniGo

[current version: 1.2] ogftp is a simple file transfer utility to allow the movement of files between an HP OmniGo 100 and a Unix or OS/2 system. OGFTP was written by Asher Hoskins and ported to OS/2 by Marcus Gröber.

Patches for the CompuServe Client for Geos

[current version: 2] This patch modifies the CS4GEOS client originally designed for use on Zoomer-type devices to run on the OmniGo 100 and under Ensemble 2.0. The client itself is available on CompuServe for $10 and permits the retrival of Mail, Stock Quotes, Weather and News from within Geos - in particular, Forums and file downloads are not supported.

Please note that installation of the client on the OmniGo's internal RAM disk (if no RAM card is available or the PCMCIA slot is used by another card) requires some sort of data compression to be installed to make the program fit into the avilable space. I'm personally using dLite for this purpose (see blow).