The unofficial GeoBook and Super PowerNote Cheat Page

A page dedicated to getting the most out of your Personal Digital Notebook.


Remark [added  January 2012]: In a many ways, Brother USA's GeoBook / SuperPowerNote range of notebook computers anticipated the success of "netbooks" by almost a decade when they were released in 1999: they combined a laptop-style form factor with Internet capability and an attempt to significantly reduce the price point through the use of an inexpensive, x86-based hardware design, solid-state disks and and an operating system that was optimized for low resource consumption (PC/GEOS).

As this project hasn't even made it onto Wikipedia yet, I am preserving some of my notes on the internals of the device here - some more details can be found (in German) on the GeosWiki page.

  1. Preface
  2. Some other GeoBook-related resources (Links, mostly broken)
  3. Fundamental techniques
  4. Peripherials
  5. Communications
  6. The Geobook and other Geos platforms