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October 22, 1996
Geoworks releases second quarter results for fiscal 1997.

October 8, 1996
Geoworks announces Wink client software to be used on smart phones.

October 7, 1996
Geoworks allies with Unwired Planet to provide Internet access to smart phones.

September 25, 1996
Geoworks allies with Puma to provide new connectivity software solutions.

September 19, 1996
Geoworks to provide GEOS operating system for PCS 1900 smart phone system.
In related news, Nokia unveils first smart phone in U.S.

September 16, 1996
Geoworks allies with InfoSpace and WeatherLabs to provide content for smart phones.

September 10, 1996
Geoworks and Newsbytes to deliver up-to-the-minute news.

September 1, 1996
HP Announces the OmniGo 120 Organizer Plus.

August 26, 1996
Smart phones are changing the face of personal communications.

August 15, 1996
Nokia announces sale of new smart phone in Europe - Nokia 9000 Communicator.
In related news, Geoworks announces launch of first "smart phone" in Europe - Nokia 9000 Communicator.

August 6, 1996
Geoworks to host Smart Phone Executive Forum at CTIA'S Wireless Apps '96.

July 29, 1996
InfoWorld has an article on Geoworks and their content publishing services.

July 23, 1996
Oakland Tribune has article on Geoworks and Nokia smart phone.

July 22, 1996
Geoworks announces Jonathan Kaplan to head new content and services division.
Geoworks announces content puslishing services.

July 17, 1996
Geoworks releases first quarter results for fiscal 1997.

July 1, 1996
Hot Wired joins Geoworks' smart phone publishing initiative.

June 18, 1996
Brother announces plan to bring "Computing to the Masses".

June 5, 1996
Geoworks joins a world wide web consortium.

May 20, 1996
New contact info for Ensemble publisher, USI.

April 30, 1996
Geoworks releases fourth quarter results of fiscal 1996.

April 29, 1996
Geoworks and NEC plan new cell phones for use in Japan.
Pacific Bell chooses GEOS for use with PCS 1900 system to go online in 1997.

April 9, 1996
Geoworks makes it onto the 250 companies to watch list of 1996.

March 13, 1996
Nokia introduces its new smart phone that will use GEOS. Unfortunately it will only use GSM for now, and is not available in the U.S.

March 9, 1996
Nokia is developing a new smart phone that will use GEOS.

March 4, 1996
Geoworks names Righter to the newly created position of Vice President of Marketing, who brings years of experience to the company.

February 23, 1996
MagicRAM released a new Flash RAM card specifically for the HP OmniGo 100!

February 15, 1996
Blue Marsh Softworks releases text editor for the HP OmniGo 100.

February 7, 1996
Geoworks announces new publisher for Ensemble 2.0 package for desktop users.

February 6, 1996
Articles on OmniGo 100 in PC Magazine Feb. 6, 96, and PC Computing Feb. 96. The first article was very in depth, while the second attempted to compare the OGO to the Sony Magic Link.

February 1, 1996
News that the GoldStar PDA is not going to be a GEOS-based device.

January 26, 1996
Blue Marsh Softworks releases OmniGo File Manager!
More details on the Ericsson CCDs.

January 23, 1996
Geoworks announces partnership with Ericsson!

January 6, 1996
Nigel Ballard's New Year's Waffle.

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