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December 22, 1997
OmniPoint will be carrying the Nokia 9000i Communicator on the East Coast.

December 9, 1997
Geoworks announces a partnership with Mitsubishi to license new GEOS-SC operating system.

December 9, 1997
Geoworks announces a new version of their operating system - GEOS-SC. This new OS is designed specifically to work on small, wireless devices such as smart phones.

November 12, 1997
Geoworks and Zagat Survey to provide review guidebooks as online content for smart phone users.

November 10, 1997
Geoworks and Telecom Finland activate the Wireless Data Backup service in Finland.

October 29, 1997
Geoworks joins the Mobile Internet Phone Services forum as a charter member.

October 28, 1997
Geoworks reports fiscal 1998 second quarter results.

October 14, 1997
Geoworks will work with the Smart Card Forum to include Smart card services in wireless devices.

October 1, 1997
Geoworks expands their Java license with Sun Microsystems.

August 5, 1997
Geoworks announces new North American developer training classes, taught by Zsigo Wireless Data Consultants.

July 23, 1997
Nokia and Geoworks announce a new collaborationfor future products.

July 22, 1997
Geoworks releases first quarter results for fiscal 1998.

July 8, 1997
Geoworks annouces a new Data Backup Product for smart phone users.

June 27, 1997
Geoworks signed a licensing agreement with Connected Corporation to provide data archiving for handheld devices, as well as other services.

June 25, 1997
Geoworks allies with the Spyglass to enable web page delivery to smart phones.

June 9, 1997
Geoworks allies with the Financial Times to deliver financial news and information to smart phones.

June 4, 1997
Geoworks names Breadbox as the new European developer training partner.

May 7, 1997
Geoworks and Telecom Finland conclude agreement to offer value added solutions for mobile professionals.

April 24, 1997
Geoworks delivers innovative content for wireless devices.

April 24, 1997
Geoworks releases fourth quarter results for fiscal 1997.

April 22, 1997
Geoworks launches new publisher program for web content providers.

April 2, 1997
Geoworks and Nokia initiate new developer support programs to build smartphone aftermarket.

April 1, 1997
Geoworks licenses Java technology for GEOS system software.

March 20, 1997
Revenues fall short for fourth quarter.

March 19, 1997
NewDeal introduces a new office suite.

March 18, 1997
Geoworks names David Thatcher as the new Chief Financial Officer.

February 28, 1997
Geoworks' operating system at the heart of Toshiba's new "Smart Communicator".

February 12, 1997
Geoworks buys Eden Group, a U.K. software company that creates small operating systems.

February 3, 1997
Geoworks partners with ITN and MAID.

January 28, 1997
Geoworks releases third quarter results for fiscal 1997.

January 10, 1997
Nokia wins Innovations award.

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